3 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate During a Recession

Property investments are never simple and always require adequate knowledge of real estate investing and a stroke of luck most of the time. It is not always possible to predict the direction in which the economy is headed, and thus, it is a gamble when it comes to investing.

When the economy is suffering, even though other types of investments might suffer, the real estate market has continued to flourish and bloom. Even during previous recessions over the years, real estate values did not suffer downfalls, and there are reasons why various types of real investment pull through in a bad economy.

Source of Income

You can put your investment properties up for rent, and you would not have any problem finding renters. The reason is that during an economic downfall, there is usually a significant loss of employment, income and houses. More and more people choose to move into rented places, which will produce a stable income for you. If your properties are nicely managed and taken care of, it would not be difficult to find tenants.

Less sensitive to Volatility 

The recession has had a very volatile impact on certain investments like the stock market and cryptocurrency in recent years. But the real estate market is not as susceptible to the economic downturn as the other markets since it is not correlated to the stock market and different investment categories.

Real estate’s relatively low correlation to stock market movement can make it a more reliable choice during a recession. Stock markets and alternative assets such as cryptocurrency move down rapidly during a recession. However, the real estate market isn’t completely immune, but it moves much more slowly compared to other investment options.

Stocks and Bonds 

Housing supply remains low globally compared to its demand. For a recession to impact the housing market negatively, the current dynamic between supply and demand would need to alter significantly.

Property investment will outperform stocks and bonds since a 5 percent increase in mortgage rates would be a low increase compared to the past.

An economic recession does not typically lead to a decline in real estate prices. Therefore, it is not an unwise decision to invest in real estate during a recession.

How can homeownership bring you joy?

House ownership is not just about owning your own house but having a safe space that is solely yours to enjoy and make into a home. It is exhilarating when you have the financial stability and independence of being owners of properties.

When renting a home, it is not always possible to customize and decorate your interior space as you like. To be comfortable in your living space, you need your home to look and feel like it represents you and your family.

The step to purchase your own home is a significant milestone, and once you have that living assurance, you will most definitely feel a sense of pride and be relieved. The experience of purchasing and owning a home is thrilling in itself. House-hunting, choosing interior designs, purchasing furniture, appliances, and everything else becomes ten times more fun when moving your own home.

If there are kids, they would also love the whole experience of getting a say on how their rooms would be like and picking out decor for their rooms; this would also be a great family bonding experience.

It is pretty stressful to keep up with monthly rent and utility bills while you are a renter, and god forbid, if you miss a payment, you might even be at risk of getting evicted. Once you own a house, you will feel relieved from a lot of financial stress, and you will enjoy the stability that comes with it. The social strength of being a permanent resident of a neighbourhood will positively impact you and your family.

To be comfortable in your living space, it is essential to have privacy, and you will get a lot of that in your house rather than as a renter. You should know how frustrating it can be to tolerate unnecessary noises and the constant flow of other neighbours.

It is a commendable achievement to purchase your own house, and you should feel proud, thrilled and relieved to be able to do so.

Is It a Good Time to Buy a House In Durango Now?

The real estate scene of Durango has been doing quite well in recent years, and there has been a rise in prices. There has been a boom in the market that is continuing into 2022. Even though house prices are going up in 2022, buyers have a chance to negotiate the prices with the sellers, especially when winter rolls around.

Around September, sellers reduce the costs because they want to move out as fast as possible before it starts snowing. It provides a good window of opportunity to buy a house in Durango.

There are cheap homes in Durango, CO, but buyers have to research and get their timings right. Many new houses are up for sale in the market this year, and due to slow sales after last winter, the availability is still high. Many people might feel confused and think, ‘should you buy a house now or wait for the recession’ due to the increased availability of houses and eager sellers, this is the best time to go house-hunting and purchase your dream house.

Durango offers various areas and types of houses, starting from standard suburban homes to mansions in the mountains. People genuinely like to live here because of the surrounding nature and all the outdoor activities that come along with it.

The surrounding mountains are a sight to behold and provide a sense of peace amongst the whole community. People have been making long-term investments in Durango over the years, thrilled with their choices.

According to research, Durango’s home appreciation has gone up by 19.9% within the last 12 months. There is a considerable demand for houses here and an equally enthusiastic amount of sellers. The environment, education, and employment opportunities are undoubtedly of a high standard and significant reasons for people choosing to move here. It is time that you stop second-guessing your choice and purchase a house here in Durango, CO!

Single Family Homes for Sale in Durango Colorado

While multi-family units like condos and townhomes are customizable, nothing says “our home” quite like a single-family home. Unlike the other options, these homes consist of one property unit with only one family owning the land. This gives homeowners the unique opportunity to create their own home on their very own piece of land.

Why Would I Want a Single Family Home? 

If you’re constantly struggling to find space to store holiday decorations, beach toys, bikes, or extra clothing, then a single-family home may be right for you. In many cases, a single-family home provides garage space, attic space, basement space, and more square footage than an attached-unit home. Single-family homes can also offer outdoor space to store outdoor play items for your children or pets and gardening tools and recreation items.

Affordable & Low-Maintenance 

Though sometimes found in single-family homes, homeowners association (HOA) fees or maintenance fees are more common among attached-unit dwellings. Though they can be costly, when the pool needs cleaning, or the grass needs cutting, you may be thrilled that someone else takes care of it. Depending on your property’s policies, those fees can pay everything from basic landscaping to roof repair to property taxes.

If you want to buy your place but are worried about the expense, an attached-unit home could cost tens of thousands of dollars less than an equivalently sized single-family unit. In many cases, an updated townhouse with a clubhouse and communal pool is still cheaper than a 30-year-old single-family home that needs work.

Durango; A Picturesque Location 

Durango is indeed a magnificently pleasant location to live in. Thousands of people travel to Durango every year from all over the country as hiking and cycling are two of the many recreational activities available to visitors and locals in Durango. Education, healthcare, and technical services are among the major businesses in the city, and it creates an environment that is knowledgable, modern, and safe.

At River Valley, our competent team can help you pick your dream single-family home in Durango. The houses we built are contemporary, custom-made, and affordable. The beauty of the location complements the comfort of your home here at River Valley.

What Are the Important Considerations in Designing a Residence?

What are the latest features that every architect needs to consider while planning a family home? Your DIY dream could sour if you don’t think through the whole project and what to consider when designing a house. For instance, how many bedrooms should we have? Can we have a games room? And what about that study I was always promised? A house becomes a home when it fully reflects the homeowners’ style and preferences.

Some of the most important considerations before designing a residence include:

Family Matters 

It is vital to make sure the house design suits the needs of all the family members. It can be beneficial to analyze the way your family lives and ensure the lifestyle is reflected in the house’s design.


Before meeting with an architect, have a rough estimate of a budget in mind. Vocalize your budget when interviewing architects before you start your home design. This will help your architect explain what design effort will be feasible.


Multifunctional rooms are super essential in homes with growing kids. The room has to be able to seamlessly transform as per the needs of the residing family without having to go through constant renovations every few years.

Site Planning

Site planning options will be pretty limited if you have a small lot in an urban setting. If you have a large property in a rural area, you may have many options. Start thinking about how the house will engage and occupy your property.


One of the most important things to consider when designing a house is sustainability. Sustainable Home Design is becoming more of a standard, and many places have adopted an energy code. Build to last and build well, durable materials are worth the price.

Design Research 

Creating a vision of what your newly built home will look like is an exciting process. Before you come up with a plan, it is a good idea to see what is on offer, what’s trendy and what design elements stand the test of time. Flick through design magazines and look at house designs online to see what suits your sense of style. Taking a drive to see what is currently being built can also be an excellent research method.

How Do You Get a Financial Plan to Build a House

Building a home lets you personalize every aspect of where you live. You might also skip the renovations and repairs needed after purchasing an existing property, but the financial aspects of the planning and construction are less straightforward than buying a home.

A written plan greatly increases the likelihood of a successful project. Building a log home involves site planning, acquisition, dealer and manufacturer investigation, financial planning, construction oversight, contractor management, problem-solving during construction, governmental approvals, certificate of occupancy and many other items. Some of the fundamental financial plans before building a new house include:

Setting a Firm Budget 

A firm budget provides you with the tool to manage your log-home construction with discipline and financial wisdom. Set a firm budget for your mortgage and a firm budget for your log-home construction. Speak with a lender to determine your financial options. You must also work with the dealer and lender to develop a construction budget. Highly successful customers invest a lot of time developing their construction budget.

Enquiring the Contractor’s Estimates 

Numerous contractor teams will transform blueprints into a home. You’ll have to find construction experts, electricians, plumbers and more to pull everything together. They’ll each have different fees and schedules, so get estimates to compare prices.

Construction Loans 

Construction loans are short-term loans that can pay for your home’s construction. It may cover just the labor or the supplies needed as well. Unlike other lending options, borrowers must pay their construction loans when the work finishes.

Managing Investments 

Managing a personal investment portfolio depending on your goals, capacity to handle risks, taxes, and asset management calculations are fundamentals before investing in a house.

Whether it’s a two bedroom house or a $4 million mansion, building a home takes time and planning. The same can be said about planning for your financial future. Maybe you want to optimize your business taxes and set up a trust to minimize estate taxes. Or perhaps you simply want to make sure you are saving enough for retirement and investing correctly. Either way, having a good plan in place will save you time in the long run and help you live the life you want by growing your wealth.

If you are interested to learn more about how a financial advisor can help you, schedule a consultancy session with our competent real estate professionals at River Valley.

Why Selling Your House with a Real Estate Professional Is Essential

When it comes to selling a property,  There are many people who try to do it on their own. The reality is that there is a lot more to selling a house that you may not have thought about. It can be quite complicated, and you may not understand even the fundamentals. This is why taking the assistance of a real estate professional while selling your house can be fruitful.

Agents do more than just bring in potential purchasers and have them sign contracts. They are well-versed in the intricacies of both buying and selling a home. They are experienced at understanding the value of properties and how to sell them to the right people. Your ultimate goal is to sell your house so that it is no longer a burden or a source of loss for you. Hence, Their expertise is well worth the investment.

Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Professional

Expert Negotiator

A real estate agent’s primary purpose is to sell your home and negotiate a fair price. They will not negotiate a transaction without your agreement. Their knowledge of the current housing market will help you sell your home at a good price.

Maximizes Your Buyer Pool

A real estate broker also has a vast portfolio of clients. This means they will be able to find suitable people to sell your house to.

Understands the Documentation

A real estate professional will guide you through the whole selling process. Their experience is a great asset that will help you immensely. A good agent will help you with every step, From understanding the contract to transferring your property.


Whether you want to buy a house or sell it, it can be a lengthy process. Hiring the right real estate broker can help the process smoother and eliminate many unwanted hassles. Our experts at River Valley Estate are here to give you the best deals possible while ensuring a streamlined transaction process.


What Is the Average Price of Real Estate in Durango, Colorado?

You may be considering relocating to Durango, Colorado, or you may simply be curious about the city’s livability. It is indeed a great place to live in, with scenic countryside and a friendly neighborhood. It’s not only popular for holiday destinations and skiing activities, but now many people are also moving to this part of Colorado to get away from the chaos of bustling city life. Thinking of moving to this peaceful city? In that case, knowing the price of real estate in Durango, Colorado, will come in handy.

Real Estate Prices In Durango, Colorado


The cost of housing is an essential aspect to consider while looking for a new area to reside in. Durango has a cheaper cost of living than the national average in the United States and most other cities in Colorado. Durango has a quite good overall livability score. This rating is the aggregate of the city’s data points and characteristics, which are then weighted to determine a good overall quality of life in comparison to other cities. While some places in a state may be more expensive than others, the general average cost of real estate, utility, groceries, transport, healthcare and education, and other services are comparatively cheaper.


In the third quarter of 2019, the average price for a single-family home in Durango increased to almost $600000, up from $490000 in the same quarter of 2018. The median home price in Durango is $650000. This number is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price range residences. Durango real estate average prices have increased 35.1% in 2020. In 2021, Durango’s real estate market experienced an all-time high, with record-breaking sales and values. Median sales prices reached an all-time high.


If you’re on the lookout for a new home in Colorado, be sure to check out the most recent Durango land and home packages. To get started, get in touch with our real estate experts at River Valley Colorado’s local real estate professional today! From 2 bedroom small family homes to large five-bedroom houses, we can help you find any home you want.

How to Start Investing in Real Estate?

A lot of people are interested in investing in real estate nowadays.Investing in real estate is a popular solution for people who prefer a more tangible result. That being said, it’s not the easiest method, and there may be a steep learning curve before you even start. There are a few basics you should know before you start investing in real estate.


Real estate investing is the purchase or sale of land and buildings to earn money. There are a few different categories of real estate:

  • Residential real estate comprises apartments, houses, vacation homes, and any other place where people reside. This is often the most straightforward area of real estate for a new investor to enter.
  • Commercial real estate (CRE) includes office buildings, retail stores, and any other facility used for commercial reasons. It costs much more than residential real estate.
  • Storage facilities, factories, and other big constructions, such as storage facilities, are examples of industrial real estate.



Real Estate Investing For Beginners


Investing may feel daunting, but you don’t have to buy a whole apartment complex right now. Here are some of the most common real estate investing approaches for novices:


  1. Renting: You can purchase anything from a single-family home to a multi-family residence, commercial property, or warehouse. You could then rent it out to tenants.
  2. REITs: You can invest in REITs. Like mutual funds, REITs provide an investment opportunity that allows everyone to profit from valuable real estate. These are businesses that typically own and occasionally operate a variety of real estate holdings such as clinics, factories, shopping malls, residential buildings, and others.
  3. Flipping: You can try flipping houses. Flippers buy houses or properties in need of restorations and spend time renovating and repairing them to increase their worth and sell them at a higher price.


Real estate investment can be a great stepping stone to maximizing your existing capital. People will always need a place to live; hence real estate tends to preserve its worth as long as it is well kept and the surrounding neighbourhood is appealing.


Looking for expert advice on how to start investing in real estate in Colorado? We at River Valley are here to answerall your real estate questions!


What Kinds Of Homes Are Available In Durango?

What Kinds Of Homes Are Available In Durango?

Home design in Durango has evolved as homeowners’ preferences and demands have changed throughout the years. Here is our guide to the kinds of homes available in Durango.


Durango has seen a number of apartment complexes converted to condominiums in recent years. Condos are generally cheaper and require less maintenance, making them appealing to first-time homebuyers or those looking to downsize.


Townhouse owners often own the ground on which the home is built, as well as front and backyard areas that come with the house. This can be a great investment for a small to middle sized family.

Farm House

The natural beauty and open spaces in Durango makes it a perfect place for farm or ranch houses. This type of house enables a residential purpose in an agricultural setting. The property is entirely yours, so you can do whatever you want with it, such as farming and gardening.

New Construction

New construction homes are designed to require less care and upkeep. They are built in compliance with the most recent laws and safety regulations. These homes are a great choice for home buyers who want to move in fast.

Many families today prefer layouts that have energy-saving components, abundant natural light, and well-designed outdoor areas. These the are most commonly seen house styles in Durango:
Victorian Architectural Style

Durango is an old historical town with many Victorian style homes originating from the late 1800s. Furthermore, during the 1950s and the 1980s, many Durango dwellings were styled after the mid century architectural design.

Craftsman Style

A craftsman home is a structure that was built with the highest quality standards. This style was extremely popular in the early 1900s, and it is now making a comeback.

Colonial Home Style

Colonials are multi-story and highly symmetrical structures. The windows are evenly spaced along the edges, and the door is exactly in the middle. They have chimneys and stonework.

Mountain Contemporary

Because of these preferences, we’ve witnessed an increase in mountain contemporary architecture in new houses. This is a distinct design that works well here in Durango and the nearby region due to the abundance of natural beauty as well as the availability of local materials such as rocks and woods.

Are you looking to buy or sell a house in Durango, Colorado? Allow our Durango real estate specialists to assist you!